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Abnormal hormone levels not only play havoc with libido, but can also result in weight gain, insomnia, hair loss, depression, anxiety, irritability, migraines, memory problems, stomach ailments, and fatigue just to name a few. Hormonal fluctuations or changes in your hormones can occur at any age. It was once thought that some of these changes were just a part of the aging process and it was something that we all have to deal with eventually. Now medical professionals are changing the way they view this and see abnormally low hormone levels as a treatable condition and as a means of preventing harmful changes to your body. The right balance of hormones can help reverse and stabilize many medical conditions such as osteoporosis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, and can even help prevent dementia. This can be achieved by going in for hormone replacement evaluation at Nitroflex Gym. Dr Paul Dell’Aquila is board certified in Internal Medicine and has a Fellowship in Functional and Integrative Medicine through the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is a safe way to obtain optimal hormone levels because they have the exact chemical structure of human hormones and are derived from natural sources such as yams.  Synthetic hormones on the other hand do not have the exact chemical structure of natural hormones and have been linked to adverse outcomes such as heart attacks, stroke, and even death.

If you have been suffering from some of the symptoms mentioned before, yet have not been recommended bio-identical hormone replacement therapy by your doctor, there are two things that you need to keep in mind. The first is, that what are considered normal hormone levels has changed a little over the years and what some physicians may not think requires hormone therapy, another may have quite a different second opinion about. Secondly, there are now new and improved ways to test hormone levels. Some outdated blood tests have been known to inaccurately come back showing hormone levels as normal when you really could benefit from some help. You know your body and you know when you are not feeling your best.

So if you have been feeling tired lately or not inspired and enthusiastic about life then perhaps BHRT (or bio-identical hormone replacement therapy) is for you. You won’t know unless you visit a specialist and have your hormone levels tested. Why continue to suffer and not enjoy life to the fullest when you could be? Visit the front desk and make an appointment with Dr Dell’Aquila today.