Jennifer Masters

Certified Personal Trainer

Jennifer is an International Fitness Association (IFA) certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor, TRX, Spin and SkillRow instructor. She has competed on a national level as a professional WNBF bodybuilding and physique competitor and has been been in the fitness industry for more than 15 years. Jennifer’s passion is working with people ranging from adolescent and beginner level clients to athletes looking to improve their workout routine and challenge themselves to a higher level of peak performance. She also helps clients with structured and personalized fitness programs along with nutritional guidance to help them achieve weight loss and training goals.

As your personal trainer, Jennifer’s goal is to motivate, teach, and encourage you to achieve your personal fitness goals, whether weight loss or gaining muscle and strength. Helping you achieve a growth mindset along with a healthy and positive lifestyle through fitness and nutrition is Jennifer’s greatest reward when working with you.