Catherine Basile B.S., A.F.S.


Catherine has worked as an Advanced Fitness Specialist, Personal Trainer and nutrition consultant for more than fifteen years. She is also a professional figure competitor and judge in the International Fitness and Physique Association. Catherine’s experience encompasses working with populations ranging from adolescents to seniors and from the novice exerciser looking to begin their first exercise routine to the long time athlete looking for a new exercise challenge. As an Advanced Fitness Specialist, Cathy specializes in designing preventative and post-rehabilitative exercise programs for those with orthopedic, pulmonary, cardiovascular or metabolic conditions. As a nutrition counselor, she can assist clients by providing fitness programs and nutritional guidance to help them achieve their weight loss goals. She is also available for those interested in contest preparation. Professionally, Catherine has been featured in Fitness & Physique, Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness and Natural Muscle Magazine as well as on Muscle and Available: by appointment